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Xinma Distillery 2016 New Year Message

Time flies, time flies, unknowingly 2015 is about to leave us. As the 2016 New Year is gradually approaching, Shandong Xinma Distillery co.,Ltd expresses its heartfelt gratitude to all members of the

Time flies, time flies, unknowingly 2015 is about to leave us. As the 2016 New Year is gradually approaching, Shandong Xinma Distillery co.,Ltd expresses its heartfelt gratitude to all members of the community who care for, support and help Hinma wine industry, and sincerely thanks all the employees for their hard work and dedication to the development of the company. Sincere greetings for the new year, I wish you a happy new year, happy family, happy work, and good luck!

The past year was a year in which Hinma's wine industry was facing difficulties and difficulties. The economic development has entered a new normal, the economic growth rate is low, and the economic structure has been deeply adjusted. The downward pressure has been unprecedented. However, pressure and power coexist, and challenges and opportunities are in the same place. We are committed to turning pressure into motivation, turning challenges into opportunities, digging into potentials in internal management, and motivating market development. Xinma Wine has maintained a good development situation.

This year, we have increased our hardware investment. Accelerating the transformation and upgrading of production infrastructure, the second workshop successfully completed the mechanization transformation, reduced labor intensity, reduced production costs, increased labor efficiency, and promoted the optimization of production factors and production structure. Expanded the koji fermentation workshop, improved the production capacity of distiller's yeast, basically achieved the production and self-sufficiency of distiller's yeast, ensured the quality of Xinma wine products, and solidified the foundation for the sound development of the company.

This year, we have increased our innovation and research and development efforts. The horse farm fragrant liquor successfully passed the food production license review, and the grandeur of the farm flavor fragrant liquor was introduced. The essence of the military culture was merged, the connotation of the farm culture was excavated, and the imprint of the development of Xinma was recorded. The Yanma people strengthened independent technology research and development. Convergence of more than 50 years of mature intellectual property achievements created by the independent intellectual property flavor liquor, opened a new page in the development history of Xinma, and set another milestone across development.

This year, we have increased our brand creation efforts. After the department's recommendation, online voting, and expert review, Xinma Wine was successfully selected into the second “100 kinds of specialty tourism products that Shandong wants to buy” and entered Shandong 100, indicating that Xinma has become a “masterpiece” of Shandong tourism. The majority of tourists "will buy goods." In the 6th Tourism Product Innovation Design Competition of Dongying City, Xinma Wine won the gold medal of “Best Brand of Wine” for the third consecutive time with excellent quality and social reputation, and became the leader of Dongying Local Liquor Brand. The successful renewal of the “Xinma” trademark was identified as “Shandong Famous Brand”.

In this year, we have stepped up our party building efforts. We will vigorously promote the standardization of party building, improve the party-building work mechanism, standardize party building, promote scientific management, and democratize decision-making, bring into play the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of the party members, gather the wisdom of all, build a foundation for development, and build a century-old industry.

Looking back at 2015, we have a steady, confident and calm outlook. Looking ahead to 2016, we have a firm goal and confidence remains the same. We believe that there is no longer than the foot, no mountain higher than people, as long as we unite, set goals, down-to-earth, take the initiative to adapt to the new normal, identify consumption breakthroughs, meet market expectations, Xinma development will It will go wider and wider, tomorrow will be better!