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Committed to creating a brand of liquor enterprise, and striving to realize the grand blueprint of "Hundred Years of Horses, Century Classics"

Shandong Xinma Distillery Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Jinan Military Region Yellow River Delta Production Base Distillery) is a medium-sized liquor manufacturer with a production history of more than 60 years. Our company has 4 modern large workshops, more than 300 employees and fixed assets of over RMB 30 million, achieving an annual production capacity of 2,000 tons of liquor and annual profit and tax of RMB 4.3 million.

  • 1963

    More than 60 years of winemaking history

  • 2000

    Annual production of liquor/ton

  • 30


    More than 30 technicians

  • 20


    Product sales in multiple regions


Unity · Integrity · Innovation · Thanksgiving

Development Goals

Excellent assets, high-quality services, excellent performance

Marketing strategy

Based on Dongying,Radiating Shandong,Nationwide

Development path

Since the beginning of winemaking in the early 1950s, it has a history of more than 60 years


On January 17, 2004, it was officially restructured into Shandong Xinma Wine Industry Co., Ltd., established a perfect corporate governance structure, and took solid steps to leapfrog development


In 2003, in order to implement the Central Military Commission’s major strategic decision that the troops were no longer engaged in business activities, the winery of the Yellow River Delta production base in the Jinan Military Region underwent corporate restructuring, which was completely decoupled from the troops.


In 1992, the military horse farm in Jinan Military Region was upgraded from a regiment-level to a division-level unit. The food factory in Jinan Military Region Military Horse Farm was renamed as the winery of the Yellow River Delta Production Base in Jinan Military Region.


In March 1988, the Jinan Military Region Food Factory registered the "Xinma" trademark in the National Trademark Office, meaning "prosperity and success", which has become the essence of Xinma's corporate culture. Since then, the military horse farm wine (horse farm wine) has an official name.


In 1983, with the continuous expansion of production scale, the company was renamed Jinan Military Region Junmachang Food Factory


Its predecessor was the Sixth Company of the Military Stables of Jinan Military Region (Vice Business Company). At that time, Baijiu was produced on a small scale, mainly for the military studs and the troops, and was not sold externally. However, because of the good wine quality, it was also produced by the military studs. It's "Horse Race Wine"

Pure grain brewing

Adopt traditional pure grain solid fermentation process, made by natural fermentation

Shandong Xinma Distillery Co., Ltd.

Pure grain brewing · Solid state fermentation

There are more than 20 varieties including Xinma King, Xinma Five Grains, Fragrant Xinma Five Grains, Golden Xinma, Mellow Xinma, Special Xinma, Xinma Wedding Liquor, etc. Our liquor products are made from pollution-free and high-quality wheat, corn, sorghum, rice and millet grown in Yellow River Estuary through the traditional brewing technology and modern technology, and are featured by strong fragrance and long after-taste, clear, transparent, sweet and mellow. 

Business outlook

Unity · Integrity · Innovation · Thanksgiving


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