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By virtue of excellent product quality and a good reputation, our company wins the market and unanimous praise of consumers, improves visibility, and obtains countless honors in many aspects. Our company has been awarded “Product Quality Trustworthy Unit”, “Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise”, “Outstanding Enterprise in Implementation of Price Measurement Policy and Regulation in Chinese Liquor Industry”, “Top 10 Advanced Enterprises in Quality Control” and “Credit Unit” by the relevant departments in Dongying, “National Star Enterprise in Liquor Industry” and “National Outstanding Enterprise in Liquor Industry” by China Liquor Culture Research Institute, “Top 100 Liquor Enterprises in Comprehensive Strength”, “Advanced Unit in Quality Control”, “Consumer Satisfaction Unit”, “Provincial Advanced Unit in Measurement” and “Provincial Advanced Unit in Safety Production” by the relevant departments in Shandong. Moreover, our company has been awarded “Civilized Unit” by the relevant departments in Dongying for eight consecutive years, and “Outstanding Enterprise in Double Civilization” by Shandong Provincial First Light Industry System for two consecutive years. “Xinma” liquor products have been awarded “Quality Inspection-free Product” by the relevant departments in Shandong, “Reliable and Satisfactory Brand by the relevant departments in Dongying and “Most Popular Liquor” and “Recommended Product” by the provincial and municipal consumers’ association, and our company passed the acceptance inspection of “liquor production license” last year.

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