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2017 New Year message

Joy is accompanied by sweat, and success is accompanied by hardships. We will send 2016 with full enthusiasm and usher in a new year of hopeful 2017. Here, Xu Baoqing, Chairman of Shandong Xinma Wine

Joy is accompanied by sweat, and success is accompanied by hardships. We will send 2016 with full enthusiasm and usher in a new year of hopeful 2017. Here, Xu Baoqing, Chairman of Shandong Xinma Wine Co., Ltd., and Li Yong, General Manager, expressed their heartfelt thanks to all employees and families who have devoted their hard work and dedication to the development of the company, and to the friends and consumers of the society who have given the company great support. Thanks and blessings, and extend my sincere New Year greetings!

2016 was the twelfth year since the company was founded. Facing the pressure of deep adjustment in the liquor industry, we have fully implemented the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Party and the 18th, 18th, 5th, and 6th Plenary Sessions of the 18th Party Congress, and practiced earnestly. The company’s core values ​​of unity, integrity, innovation, and thanksgiving are actively adapting to the new normal economic situation, concentrating on development, and writing a new chapter in the company's development. The foundation for the development of the company is further consolidated, and the overall efficiency is further enhanced. The social influence of the brand is further expanded. At present, the company has developed into a leading enterprise in the liquor industry in Dongying City, which ranks among the top 30 in the comprehensive strength of the liquor industry in Shandong Province. The company presents a good development trend of steady progress, rapid transformation, and enhanced vitality.

- The foundation for the development of enterprises is more solid. The implementation of the new song room and technological transformation project of the company effectively improved the fermentation scale and capability of the distiller's yeast and ensured the amount of distiller's yeast produced by the company's original wine; the original wine warehouse and packaging warehouse reconstruction projects have been completed and put into use. These are the company’s Long-term development has laid a solid foundation.

- The sales volume of products has risen steadily. With the continual advancement of structural reforms on the supply side, liquor consumption has emerged with new hot spots and new models. We closely grasp market changes, increase market crackdown, further adjust and optimize the proportion of mid- to low-end products and middle-to-high-end products, seize the mass market with medium and low-end products, strengthen brand image with medium and high-end products, complement each other's advantages, and interact with each other in marketing and branding. China has achieved new development breakthroughs. At the same time, it is actively building an e-commerce sales service platform to innovate a new mode of liquor marketing and take the initiative in the competition in the new round of markets.

——The brand advantage has been further enhanced. Give full play to the driving effect of industrial tourism demonstration sites and strengthen brand promotion. Actively adapt to market trends and developments in the situation, change business ideas, take the road of integrated development of industry and tourism, and seek greater development space and ability to resist market risks. Through TV network propaganda, technology display, promotion of product exhibitions, promotion of corporate culture, and experience of consumers experiencing consumption at close range, the company has created a new model of transformation and upgrading and expanded the visibility, recognition and affinity of “Xinma” brand. Cultivate brand new advantages.

——Comprehensive strengthening of party building work. We will further improve the party-building work mechanism and safeguard measures, aim at improving the economic efficiency of enterprises and the happiness index of employees and their families. We will carry out the “two studies and ones” study education and party members’ advice and suggestions, and guide all party members in maintaining a pure party spirit. Consciously internalize the sense of responsibility into the heart, externalize the form, realize the unity of knowledge and action, be a qualified communist, give full play to the vanguard exemplary role, realize their own personal value in the practice of enterprise development and progress, and strengthen the organization’s Cohesion and combat effectiveness will help build a harmonious enterprise.

The new year opens new hopes and new journeys carry new dreams. Looking forward to 2017, opportunities and challenges will coexist, and brighter prospects are beckoning us. More arduous tasks are waiting for us. Let us continue to work together, walk hand in hand, use passion to ignite dreams, strive hard to create brilliance, and become more solid. Impression climbs the new peak of Xinma Wine Development!