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The products are uneven Who will be “health care” for the health wine industry?

Some people say that health wine is piled up with concepts. This sentence is inexact. Behind the prosperity of the health wine industry, in the end there are many hidden concerns. According to statist

Some people say that health wine is piled up with concepts. This sentence is inexact. Behind the prosperity of the health wine industry, in the end there are many hidden concerns. According to statistics, the current market has more than 1,000 brands of health wine, and of which only less than 20% of the brand has a "blue hat" (China's health food products, sky blue The color is cap-shaped, the industry commonly known as "blue hat", also known as "small blue hat"). In today's globalization and market homogeneity, a small health wine industry has so many brands, and there are a large number of brands out of supervision, fortunately or unfortunately?

Governance tool for industrial chaos

According to industry experts, the lack of standards in the health wine industry and the uneven quality of the products are the primary issues that restrict the development of the health wine industry. A so-called ancient party, a concept of packaging, a large number of advertisements, a "historic" health wine so freshly baked! Low threshold, high profits led to the barbaric growth of the industry, there has been excessive prosperity.

Although the country has already issued repeated orders to crack down on false advertising, it cannot solve the problem fundamentally. Why do we not use standard regulations for regulation? On the one hand, it is difficult to unify the original liquors of health wines. Some health wines are prepared with Qingxiang Xiaoqu liquor, while others are prepared with Daqu or rice wine; on the other hand, the traditional Chinese medicine formula for the soul part of health wine cannot Such as Western medicine added as clearly marked, especially the different health wine brands apply different formulas, their choice of different types of herbs, but also caused the difficulty of standardization.

Is it really impossible to regulate the health wine industry? The answer is of course yes or no. In July this year, China Health Wine has officially incorporated the GMP certification of the Ministry of Health. This news may be a bad news for most “workshop-style” health wine producers, but it is of extraordinary significance for promoting the healthy development of the industry.

Industry is divided by the chaos of governance

Before the national compulsory certification, some powerful companies have actively introduced GMP standards. China's largest GMP standard health wine production base, Jingpai, is a model. “Production of health wine according to the standard of making medicines” is the principle of production that can never be beaten. This year, we successfully developed and designed a modern digital manufacturing platform for Chinese medicine, breaking the “production standardization” harassment of the health wine industry for many years, and also making some want to be confused. The companies that pass through are nothing.

The digital manufacturing platform for modernization of traditional Chinese medicine is a whole set of manufacturing process for traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine based on the advanced technology of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. Using the fingerprinting technology in this manufacturing platform, the scientific screening of medicinal materials in raw materials links can effectively avoid the differences in the active ingredients caused by different origins of medicines, different harvesting seasons and different storage conditions, and lay a solid foundation for the stability of product quality. .

As the digital extraction technology of the core technology of modern digital manufacturing platform for traditional Chinese medicine, it can quantify and extract the functional ingredients of every taste of health wine, and realize the intelligent control in the deployment process of health wine. This move ultimately achieved a separate, quantitative, and optimal extraction of the functional ingredients of each Chinese herbal medicine, with 1,548 quality control measures in the production process, which also made the quality of the wine more stable.

Market growth booster

With the increasing frequency of social interactions, drinks are more irreplaceable as a prop role of communication, and the rise of consumer health awareness, the low-level, dehydration, and health of drinks have become increasingly evident. In a broad sense, the liquor market in China with as much as 150 billion yuan is continuously declining, and a large part of the market space caused by the decline in sales volume has been replaced by the rapid rise of “health wine”. Therefore, the main competition of health wine enterprises The opponents are not peers, but come from the liquor, wine, and health-related industries. Compared to the 150 billion yuan liquor market, the share of 13 billion yuan is really insignificant. To continue to improve the status of health wine in the minds of consumers, it is necessary to continue to strengthen the quality and competitiveness of the wine industry itself.

At present, the main channels for the consumption of health wines are still concentrated in catering and gifts. However, these two channels can only sustain consumption, but they cannot expand consumption. To increase the market share of health drinks, the market for personal consumption must be upgraded. This depends on the The consumer's mental recognition of health wines, and to achieve this goal is to improve the quality of health wine.